It is always a pleasure to welcome both new and returning clients!

Positive customer satisfaction is extremely important to I.M.P Sports Therapy.

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Tom, 17, Elite Tennis Player
“I had picked up an injury in my shoulder and struggled to even hit a single shot for a couple of months whilst seeing a physio.
After 3 sessions with Ian he was able to diagnose a very tricky and intricate injury as well as treat it with correct exercises to re-build strength.
After a few weeks I’m now back playing at 100%. Thanks Ian!!!”
Stephen, 50’s, Golf Enthusiast
“I approached Ian to help me with a ‘Tennis Elbow’ injury that had plagued me for months in the hope he could get me fit enough to enjoy a golfing holiday.
In approximately 6 weeks he has helped reduce the pain and increased my mobility so I was able to play golf without the need of medication and support.
Would highly recommend Ian’s professional work.”
Bridget, 60’s, Retired
“Ian has listened carefully to my problem and treated me with knowledge and respect.
The sessions were friendly but professional. The exercises he gave me were well suited to the problem and have been within my ability to perform.
I would certainly choose Ian again or recommend him to a friend.”

Nicole, 50’s, Business Owner

“Ian, I just wanted to say that I have been extremely pleased with your service.

I injured my hamstring in November and since then Ian has been very thorough and professional and has always made me feel at ease.
Ian assisted me with “homework” exercises to aid my improvement which have been very beneficial and even undertaken gym exercises with me to further expedite my progression.

Thank you so much and I will certainly try to continue with monthly sessions!
I will always recommend you!!”

 Johanna, 40’s, Civil Servant

“Ian was highly recommended to me by my personal trainer after a long term ankle injury started to hinder my training.

At the first session, Ian quickly diagnosed the problem through his rigorous assessment. I have been so impressed with Ian’s in-depth knowledge, specialist expertise and his dedication to his clients.

After only one week of treatment, the ankle pain I had lived with for over 10 years had dramatically reduced. Intensive training and a comprehensive range of exercises have helped to re-build the strength in my ankle and enable to me to return to a full programme of training again, especially running.

I cannot recommend Ian highly enough.”

Dave, 40’s, Electrician
“Have been introduced to Ian by a work colleague and wow, what a find….
I’ve raced speedway for over 20 years and since been an electrician for 7.
Dare I say the body has ceased to a near halt…or I should say had.
Ian’s knowledge and amazing touch has given me great movement once again which is priceless.
Many thanks Ian.”
James Archer, 28, Karate Instructor 

“Ian is a very professional, competent therapist. My treatment was really well executed, and Ian understood the cause and got straight to it. Being a martial artist I suffer with shoulder pain and recently lower back back pain.
I would definitely recommend Ian to any of my friends that do any sports or martial art. Thanks Ian!”

Leon, 31, Competitive Bodybuilder

“I have been using Ian’s services for the past six months now and I can only say positive things about his treatment.
I now have less muscular related injuries, and find that my delayed onset muscular soreness has minimized.
I  always find Ian very friendly and professional, and he always makes me feel comfortable at all times.”

Dan, 38, Rugby Player

“I would not hesitate in recommending the sports massage services of Ian Padget.
Ian is an excellent practitioner with both a holistic and thoughtful approach. Ian always listens carefully to insure he understand exactly what the issue is and works with you to produce an optimal outcome.
For me, the therapy I receive from Ian is of enormous benefit; improving my recovery times, maximising the returns from my training regime and keeping me mobile around the pitch on match day.”

Graham, 28, Personal Trainer

“I’ve been having regular deep tissue massages with Ian for over a year now, due to years of sports and running I find my body getting very inflexible.
Since receiving regular treatment I’m finding my recovery time is reducing and I’m also now less prone to further muscular injuries.
With his professional attitude and in depth knowledge I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him to anyone.”

Rob, 49, Lifetime Gym User.

“I regularly attend a gym using heavy weights. I have had a neck problem for a while which has restricted my movement and I started seeing Ian at IMP to see if he could treat my condition.
His advice and massage techniques have greatly improved the movement in my neck and he is now working with me to improve my posture with the use of ‘K Tape’.  This restricts the need for me to be hunched over and encourages the back & neck to remain straight.
Ian is very professional and approachable and full of valuable knowledge. He’s extremely flexible in getting an appointment as I work nights so afternoons are my only option.
A great guy to deal with.
Thanks Ian.”