Big thank you to both Jo and Nicole for these two lovely testimonials.


“Ian was highly recommended to me by my personal trainer after a long term ankle injury started to hinder my training.
At the first session, Ian quickly diagnosed the problem through his rigorous assessment. I have been so impressed with Ian’s in-depth knowledge, specialist expertise and his dedication to his clients.
After only one week of treatment, the ankle pain I had lived with for over 10 years had dramatically reduced. Intensive training and a comprehensive range of exercises have helped to re-build the strength in my ankle and enable to me to return to a full programme of training again, especially running.
I cannot recommend Ian highly enough.”


“Ian, I just wanted to say that I have been extremely pleased with your service.
I injured my hamstring in November and since then Ian has been very thorough and professional and has always made me feel at ease.
Ian assisted me with “homework” exercises to aid my improvement which have been very beneficial and even undertaken gym exercises with me to further expedite my progression.
Thank you so much and I will certainly try to continue with monthly sessions!
I will always recommend you!!”


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