I have just received a new testimonial from one of my clients who also works in the sports industry as a Personal Trainer.


“I’ve been having regular deep tissue massages with Ian for over a year now, due to years of sports and running I find my body getting very inflexible.

Since receiving regular treatment I’m finding my recovery time is reducing and I’m also now less prone to further muscular injuries.

With his professional attitude and in depth knowledge I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him to anyone.”


One thought on “New Testimonial

  1. Have been introduced to Ian by a work colleague and wow, what a find….
    I’ve raced speedway for over 20 years and since been an electrician for 7.
    Dare I say the body has ceased to a near halt…or I should say had..
    Ians knowledge and amazing touch has given me great movement once again which is priceless..
    Many thanks Ian..


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